naprawa łyżek

Making buckets

KRAMET also manufactures and regenerates buckets for construction machines such as wheeled and tracked excavators, backhoe loaders, mini and micro excavators, wheel loaders and all types of excavators and forklifts.

KRAMET company offers you:

  • Design of a bucket
  • Possibility to check the correctness of the structure  at the design stage
  • Make any bucket  with all customer comments
  • Regeneration of used buckets
  • Production of bolts and bushings for all types of excavators
  • Production of hard-wearing steel blades

KRAMET has its own design office, so we can offer you a 100% bucket with your expectations. We do the design of each of our construction, so that at this stage we have the opportunity to check the construction and to make any possible improvements to improve the functionality of the bucket. In addition to the production of complete spoons we also make bolts and bushings for any construction machinery.