Production line design and machine production – KRAMET company

KRAMET is a modern production facility where we produce high quality metal saws, cutters, drilling rigs, boring machines and other machines for use in a variety of industrial plants. At present, we boast of an extensive machine park, where we have innovative solutions in the field of metalworking. We provide reliable machines that meet the highest technical and quality standards. We provide professional service and professional advice, thanks to which our services are used by many regular customers. As an experienced manufacturer of metal and thermoplastic tape cutters we are well aware of the needs of today’s companies.

KRAMET was founded in 1980. At the beginning we dealt with the manufacture of metal products which found their customers in the domestic market and in the markets of Finland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania. Recognition of customers, experience and accumulated production facilities have enabled the company to develop dynamically and expand its business. We are designing and  manufacturing metal and thermoplastic cutting machines.

Today our offer is very wide, involves the construction and production of double-stranded band saws, drilling-cutting lines, feeders, conveyors and technological lines. In addition, we offer a range of metalworking services, we also deal with the regeneration of machine parts, including eg buckets for excavators. For our products we offer a 12-month guarantee, we also provide professional warranty and post-warranty service.

We invite you to get acquainted with our offer and we encourage you to cooperate.