Apart from ready-made products, KRAMET also offers design services. We have our own design office, which performs models of individual parts and whole machines. This solution eliminates structural errors at the design stage. Owing to our service activities, we have extensive experience in the design of various types of components. This knowledge allows us to quickly find an optimal solution
During project creation we can distinguish three stages of work:

  • In the beginning we agree with the client the initial assumptions for the project, we determine the purpose of the item, the machine. We determine the working conditions and limitations that must be taken into account when designing.
  • Then we prepare some initial solutions, which together with the customer we choose the best. We agree on the details of the solution and start building the final design
  • We present the client the final version of the project, we consult any amendments. After the project is completed, it is handed over to the customer in a convenient form (electronic form, printout, we also prepare projects in .dwg .dxf format on the basis of which, for example, it is very easy to cut a part on the laser)

After the project we propose the client to perform a given element in our plant, because we have our own machine park, which allows us to perform most of the operations necessary to complete the project.